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Why virtual reality is necessity of schools

Why Virtual Reality is necessity of schools In 2019 ?

Our daily activities are not the same as it was 5 years ago, not to mention that the rapid changes in this world are hard to think of if we go in the first decade of the 21st century when the internet and smartphone had limited use. The benefits of advanced technology and the gadgets that we can use in education are limitless. Virtual reality and a three-dimensional image or environment are new dimensions in education.  The simulation of Virtual lab is expanding teacher’s reach without adding so much expense. The exclusionary world in VR is reality for students in learning the world without going outside the classroom.

Why-virtual-reality-is-necessity-of-schools-in-2019A century ago it was proved and accepted that student comprehends more what they have lived then they are taught. Practical experience of doing is a real learning way, but it was impractical in each case, it was expensive too, it was taking too much time and it has risk is some cases. But virtual reality enables learning through living, removing all these hurdles. Virtual reality gives real like experience and feeling to students for all experiments, all activities teacher and educators always wanted to get performed from students.

There are always some concepts that educators find hard to elaborate on. Virtual reality simplifies the difficulty in comprehending what is taught thus help boost up their overall grades.



Let us see reasons why schools set up Virtual Classroom in 2019

  1. Travel and explore places all over the world without leaving the classroom:
    Great learners are always great travelers. A feeling of visiting a specific place creates interest in the topics related to the place visited. Visiting new places is not boring, students even don’t know that he is learning. The virtual tour is access to all countries without a visa, and flight ticket, too. Schools of modern time cannot afford their students being in schools only, Virtual Reality is the solution for them.
  2. Experience different careers first-hand VR gives chance the students to live virtual life with virtual character:
    Students can see life through the eyes of a surgeon, museum curator, soldier, or other professional fields for a better picture of what life in that role would look like. This gives them an understanding of their likes and dislikes about work. It improves their decision making about their career.
  3. Satisfying hunger of adventure:
    children have a natural love for adventure, and the immensity of the ocean and space, and all both have to offer allows students to satisfy that curiosity without the need for a submarine or rocket ship.
  4. Making time travel possible:
    imagine being present at Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” or accompanying Neil Armstrong on the first moonwalk — it would be a lot more memorable than reading about it, right?
  5. Animal experimentation without killing them:
    animal dissection is part of education especially biology and medical science. Anatomy takes on a new dimension of understanding when you can see organs, muscles, and skeletal structures in place and functioning; even dissections have gone virtual.
  6. Improve the quality of education:
    compare the movie made 50 years back to the released one last Friday, different you find not because of director or actor but the use of latest camera, light and post-recording effect. For each educator, his/her efficiency and quality are always busted when given proper support of technology. Virtual Reality helps teachers showing what exactly what they want to show. A picture is more than a thousand words, but 1 virtual scene is more than a thousand pictures.