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What Parents should Teach their Children

What Parents Should Teach Their Children

Most of the parents confused about what parents should teach their children, they want their children to excel in their study and subjects like maths, science and foreign languages. They think their children should be master of the computer, master of maths and all other subjects from standard 3rd or even 1st. Their perspective about building a career is that a good career is depending on only education, good score, excellence on subjects, having degrees from the prominence university. The common parents think, if they don’t have all these in their next generation, they cannot compete in the future.

They are right as they are facing the same situation, their success and failure are dependent on what they have studied in school. They see how learning of school subject is helping people on the way of success. Their measure of knowledge and skill is based on what they see working in the current situation. In the last 200 years, technology, a measure of knowledge and requirement of skill changed every 50 to 60 years. The common man thinks what skill set, knowledge, education, learning is helping in a career today will help in the next 40 years. But for the next 100 years, the world and technology will change in every 10 years or even in less time. Skills which is in top demand today will be of no use after 10 years. What will be in-demand skill after 10 years cannot be predicted now, and whatever we predict about the skills and technology will be in use after 10 years, this prediction will also going to change every 2 years. But very few parents know about this. And so mass focus on current in-demand skill to train their children.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein


     Who knows that the world is changing rapidly and they know that they don’t know what skill set help their child best, to set their child’s career, help to make them entrepreneurs. Some of them accept limitation to understand the need of future and make their child free to learn whatever they want to or even don’t want to. But some of the parents go deep and find out the way, the solution and the solution is: each man has to learn new skills every five years.

         Whatever they learn will be out of date in the next five to ten years and again have to learn a new set of skills, so each child should learn how to LEARN, to be ready to be students for a lifetime.


Whatever they have to learn now, is to sharpen their skill of learning new, tactfully and speedily. They will use the fundamentals of each subject, each skill when they learn anything new.  The parents who know this they focus on the fundamentals of each subject instead of on each subject entirely. They focus on attitude building instead of data acquiring.

The flexibility of mind will be the best skill-set their children will need to build their life, whether to get a top-level job or to become a good businessman or self-employed by using any art or skill.

What Parents Should Teach Their Children

When I am asked what parents should teach their children, as a trainer my answer to parents is: Acquire the skill of learning a new skill. Fundamental of any field, any subject is most important. When they are learning any subject, getting training of any new skill whether programming language or accounting software or designing software or farming or painting or anything else, I suggest them to learn to enjoy learning, to learn to forget. Just fundamental and essence of the subject will help them learn the next lesson. In our Virtual reality-based fotonvr learning tool for science has been built on the same philosophy. Our focus is to make fundamental of science powerful for each child. Our team always try that learning of science should not as per syllabus or for getting good marks in exams. It should be learned as it is an essential part of life. A child should not just learn what is in the textbook but should learn what is around us that is build using knowledge of science.

Out team also know the golden rule that a person study more the subject which she/he enjoys, our mind remember what make us amazed. And so our all content is build to have fun and astonishing experience. Our work is to use technology like AI and VR to simplify science concepts. Parents who know that elementary knowledge is what going to help their child building a great career, motivate us to work. We are grateful to all researchers and technologies who have helped to bring technology to this level, that we can use it to build the next level’s solution. Use of artificial intelligence in education with the sensational feeling of Virtual and Augmented reality is building a new way, tool of teaching new generation students. Parents and teacher should use these tools and train next generation what is essential.