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VR Tour For Std. 8 Ch. 11. Force and Pressure

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Do you know that everything around us, in the entire universe, is actually controlled by force? A force can change the state of an object from rest to motion or vice versa. A force can bring change in motion means to change the speed or change the direction of motion. Force can change the shape of an object. There are two types of forces- contact force and non-contact force. Lastly, we will go in-depth about Pressure and how various pressures are exerted by liquids, gases, and the atmosphere.

Virtual tour 1 The Force

Virtual tour 1: The Force

When a push or pull is applied to an object it is called force. The SI unit of force is Newton.  To let a force come into play, two or more objects must interact with One another. When two forces act in the same direction, the net resultant force on an object is the sum of these two forces. When two forces act in opposite directions the net resultant force is the difference between these two forces.

Virtual tour 2 The effects of force on object state and shape

Virtual tour 2: The effects of force on object state and shape

Force can cause the motion, direction, position, and shape of an object to change. Change in velocity is considered acceleration which results in the acceleration of an object. And also the shape of an object can be altered if some force is applied to it. Depending upon the magnitude of the force that is being applied and the rigidity of the object, the effect on its shape and size.

Virtual tour 3 Types of the force

Virtual tour 3: Types of the force

On the basis of the interaction between two or more objects, forces can be classified as Contact Forces and non-Contact Forces, the Contact forces are applied only when two or more objects come in contact with One another. For Example Muscular Force, Frictional Force, and non-contact forces are applied when the objects do not come in contact with each other and yet are exerting a force upon each other. For example Magnetic Force, Gravitational Force, Electrostatic Force.

Virtual tour 4 The Pressure

Virtual tour 4: The Pressure

The pressure is defined as a measure of the force applied over a unit area. Hence, the pressure exerted by an object depends upon its surface area. If the surface is small, the amount of pressure applied is large, and vice-versa. The SI unit of pressure is Pascal or newton per meter square.

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