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VR Tour For Std. 8 Ch. 1. Crop Production and Management

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

For the production of crops, several activities are performed by the farmer over a period of time. It is called the cultivation of crops. In this chapter’s virtual activity we will learn about both the traditional and modern methods of cultivating crops. Sowing is the most important part of the cultivation of crops. Further in the chapter, we will understand various kinds of irrigation techniques. The material which is added to the soil in the form of nutrients, so that crops grow better is called manure or fertilizers. Harvesting of crops is done after the crops are ready to cut.

Virtual tour 1 Plowing An Important Step in Soil Preparation

Virtual tour 1: Plowing: An Important Step in Soil Preparation

The process of loosening and turning the soil is known as tilling or plowing.  Hoe is used for removing weeds and loosening the soil. Traditionally wooden plow was used for plowing but in today’s time plowing is done with tractor-driven cultivators.  

Virtual tour 2 Sowing Seeds Using Traditional Tool and Seed Drill

Virtual tour 2: Sowing Seeds: Using Traditional Tool and Seed Drill

In the traditional method of sowing, seeds are filled into the funnel, and they pass down into the soil through pipes having sharpened ends. Nowadays the seed drill is used for sowing with the help of tractors. In this method, the seeds are sown uniformly at equal distance and depth. This method saves time and labor.

Virtual tour 3 Irrigation Sources, Traditional Methods and Modern Methods

Virtual tour 3: Irrigation: Sources, Traditional Methods and Modern Methods

Water is the most basic need to grow a crop. To provide water to the crops at regular intervals is called irrigation. The traditional method of fetching water was a chain pump. This method was more manual and therefore farmers have now shifted to modern methods. They are sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems.

Virtual tour 4 Fertilisers Adding Nutrition to Soil and Weedicides A Protection from Weeds

Virtual tour 4: Fertilisers: Adding Nutrition to Soil and Weedicides: A Protection from Weeds

Manure is an organic substance obtained from the decomposition of plant or animal wastes. Fertilizers are chemicals that are rich in a particular nutrient. Weeds are undesirable plants that grow naturally with the crops. Weeds can be removed manually by uprooting. Weedicides are used in modern times to get rid of weeds.

Virtual tour 5 Harvesting,Threshing and Storage of produced crop

Virtual tour 5: Harvesting,Threshing and Storage of produced crop

Harvesting means when the crops are ripened and ready to cut. Harvesting is done manually by using a sickle. A machine called a harvester is also used for it. The process of separating seeds from the chaff is called threshing. A machine called a thresher is used for it. After threshing, the seeds are stored in granaries.

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