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VR Tour For Std. 7 Ch. 9: Soil

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Soil profile contains different kinds of soil that are stacked over one another. Soil is made up of different layers that differ from one another based on color, texture, thickness, and chemical composition. The layers of soil are A-horizon, B-horizon, C-horizon, and bedrock. Soil consists of moisture. When soil is heated, the moisture gets evaporated and it dries out. We will also understand how sandy, clayey and loamy soils have different capacities to absorb the water.

Virtual tour 1 Soil profile

Virtual tour 1: Soil profile

Soil is composed of distinct layers. The layers of soil can easily be observed by their color and size of particles. The sequence of these layers is known as the soil profile. Soil profiles can be used to differentiate between the other kinds of soils based on color, texture, structure, and thickness, as well as their chemical composition.

Virtual tour 2 The Percolation rate test of land

Virtual tour 2: The Percolation rate test of land

Percolation is defined as the slow movement of water through the pores in the soil. Percolation rate is the speed at which water flows through the soil. The formula to calculate the same is equal to the amount of water, divided by the percolation time.

Virtual tour 3 Measure the moisture of soil

Virtual tour 3: Measure the moisture of soil

The soil consists of moisture and when moisture evaporates, the air over the land looks shimmering. Today in this virtual tour we will perform an experiment to learn how the moisture in the soil gets evaporated when heated.

Virtual tour 4 Water absorption capacity of different soils

Virtual tour 4: Water absorption capacity of different soils

There are three different types of soil. Sandy soil, clayey soil, and loamy soil. We will perform an experiment and will test the ability of different soils to absorb water. Sandy soil absorbs the highest percentage of water, followed by clayey soil and loamy soil.

Virtual tour 5 Layers of soil

Virtual tour 5: Layers of soil

We will learn about the different layers of soil on this virtual tour. The top layer of soil is called topsoil. Topsoil is the most useful part of the soil. It is called the A-horizon. A layer of soil that is just below the topsoil is called the B horizon. It is known as subsoil. The layer of the soil below the subsoil is called the C horizon. It is also called substratum. Below this layer is the bedrock. This is the last layer of soil that is difficult to dig.

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