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VR Tour For Std. 7 Ch. 8: Winds, Storms and Cyclones

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Air exerts pressure from a higher density area to a lower density area of air. Fire extinguisher contains CO2 gas which stops the fire by eliminating the supply of oxygen. The fire extinguisher makes the layer over the fire. So, fire does not get oxygen, so the fire is extinguished. We will apply the same air pressure concept and understand how hot air balloons fly. We will also learn how wind currents on the earth are generated due to uneven heating on the earth. We will explore how the rainy season occurs further in the chapter.

Virtual tour 1 Air exerts pressure

Virtual tour 1: Air exerts pressure

Have you ever wondered why the leaves of the trees flutter even when a little wind flows? This is because of the air. Air expands on heating and contracts on cooling. Warm air rises up, whereas comparatively cooler air tends to sink towards the earth’s surface. As warm air rises, air pressure at that place is reduced and the cooler air moves to that place.

Virtual tour 2 Air flows from higher air pressure area to the lower air pressure area

Virtual tour 2: Air flows from higher air pressure area to the lower air pressure area

The pressure inside the fire extinguisher is much higher than atmospheric pressure. So, gas comes out with flow when the knob is pressed, as the air flows from the higher air pressure area to the lower air pressure area. In this virtual tour, we will understand how gas comes out of the fire extinguisher which helps in stopping the fire.

Virtual tour 3 High speed wind reduces the air pressure

Virtual tour 3: High speed wind reduces the air pressure

Increased wind speed is accompanied by reduced air pressure and air moves from the region where the air pressure is high to the region where the air pressure is low. We will understand this in more detail with an example of a high-speed train example.

Virtual tour 4 Air expands on heating Hot air balloon ride

Virtual tour 4: Air expands on heating: Hot air balloon ride

Hot air atoms move speedily and hot air atoms pressurize the balloon upside. And that makes the balloon rise. In this virtual tour, we will understand that hot air rises up as the air in the balloon is hot. So, it is lighter than the surrounding air. This hot air goes up and takes the balloon up also.

Virtual tour 5 Wind current on the earth

Virtual tour 5: Wind current on the earth

Sun rays fall directly near the Tropic of Cancer. At this time, the air in the region of the Tropic of Cancer is warm and this warm air rises up.  So, the cool air from the surrounding will rush to take place. This creates a wind current. The direction of the wind is not exactly from north to south or from South to North all the time. This virtual tour will teach us how the diversion in the direction of winds occurs.

Virtual tour 6 Rainfall in the monsoon

Virtual tour 6: Rainfall in the monsoon

Do you know the science behind the rain? How does the monsoon season start? Well, in this virtual tour we will understand that because of the uneven heating of land and water, the monsoon wind generates, the monsoon wind carries out the water and it rains.

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