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VR Tour For Std. 7 Ch. 3: Fiber to Fabric

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

The wool is obtained mainly from animals like sheep, yak, and goats. Wool is acquired from the fleece or hair of these animals. Wool is made from soft hair because of its fine quality. After removing hair, it is washed, cleaned, and dried. It is further sent to a factory wherein the sorting and dying of wool take place based on different textures and quality of the wool. Fibers are spun around bobbins, cones, etc. to make the yarn which is further used in making clothes. We will also understand the process of obtaining silk threads from the silkworm.

Virtual tour 1 Shearing and Scouring of Wool

Virtual tour 1: Shearing and Scouring of Wool

The clothes we wear in the winter season are made of wool. The wool is obtained from fleece or hair of animals like sheep, yak, goal, etc. There are two types of fibers in sheep’s hair: one is the coarse beard hair and another is the fine soft under-hair close to the skin. This bunch of hair is placed into the washing tank to remove dust and grease. The wool is then dried and is sent further for the process.

Virtual tour 2 Sorting and Dyeing of Wool

Virtual tour 2: Sorting and Dyeing of Wool

In the further process, the wool is separated and sorted based on the quality and textures. The wool is then dyed into different colors. After dyeing the wool, it needs to be dried. After that, the wool is ready for further process to make yarn.

Virtual tour 3 Spinning and Rolling of Wool

Virtual tour 3: Spinning and Rolling of Wool

Spinning is the process of turning woolen fibers into yarn. After the yarn is spun, it is wrapped around bobbins, cones, or commercial drums, it is called rolling. The weaving of yarn to make cloth is done by using looms.

Virtual tour 4 Sericulture Rearing of silkworms to produce silk

Virtual tour 4: Sericulture: Rearing of silkworms to produce silk

The silk fiber is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth. The rearing of silkworms to obtain silk is termed sericulture. The silk fibers are woven to make silk cloth. In this virtual tour, we will visit the silk production farm and understand the process of obtaining silk from the silkworm.

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