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VR Tour For Std. 6 Ch. 8: Body Movements

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

In our body, 206 bones are present in various shapes and sizes. There is a rib cage, pelvic bone, backbone, etc. We will study all of them. We will also learn about different types of joints in our body like the Pivot joint, Hinge joint, the Ball and Socket joint, and a Fixed joint in the human skeleton. Further in the chapter will also study the body movements of earthworms, snails, cockroaches, birds, fish, and snakes.

Virtual tour 1 Body movement in human

Virtual tour 1: Body movement in human

We will learn about the different types of joints that are located in the human body. Pivot joint allows rotation, twisting, extension, and flexibility. Using Ball-and-socket joints, movement can be done in all directions. There are some joints but there isn’t any movement in the bone and this type of joint is known as fixed joints.

Virtual tour 2 Body movement in earthworm and insects

Virtual tour 2: Body movement in earthworm and insects

Earthworms move by alternate extension and contraction of the body using muscles. Snails move with the help of their muscular foot and a cockroach moves its legs with the help of muscles near the limbs. It uses its breast muscles to move its wings and fly.

Virtual tour 3 Body movement in eagle, fish and snake

Virtual tour 3: Body movement in eagle, fish and snake

Strong muscles and light bones work together to help the bird to fly. They fly by flapping their wings. Fish swim by forming loops alternately on two sides of the body. And Snake slithers on the ground by looping sideways. A large number of bones and associated muscles push the body forward.

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