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VR Tour For Std. 6 Ch. 14: Water

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Water is a colorless and odorless substance that is essential for the survival of living beings.  The water reaches from a canal or either from its other sources like river, lakes, and wells to the purification plant and then the residences and businesses. Wet clothes get dry because the water evaporates. Water turns into water vapor because of the heat which is present in the atmosphere. Water in the form of vapor goes into the air by evaporation and transpiration, forms clouds, and then comes back to the ground as rain. Heavy rain affects human life badly. Excess rainfall may also lead to floods. So how can you utilize the water which comes from excessive rainfall, it can be done through rainwater harvesting.

Virtual tour 1 Where do we get water from

Virtual tour 1: Where do we get water from?

The water reaches our homes easily. But, do you know, from where and how water comes? We get it from sources like rivers, lakes, wells, and streams. But the water doesn’t come directly to our home from these sources. The water is purified via pumping stations and a water purification plant.

Virtual tour 2 Evaporation of water from wet clothes

Virtual tour 2: Evaporation of water from wet clothes

Have you ever asked your mother as to why she dries the wet clothes outside on the balcony or terrace? During the daytime, all the air surrounding gets heated. This warm air provides heat for the evaporation of water. As a result, water vapor gets continuously added to the air. Soon, the water disappears from wet clothes as they dry up.

Virtual tour 3 Water cycle

Virtual tour 3: Water cycle

Do you know how clouds are formed? During the day, the sun heats up the ocean surface, causing water to evaporate. Moreover, the water inside the plants also evaporates. This vapor rises up in the atmosphere and condenses to form tiny water droplets that form the cloud.

Virtual tour 4 A Heavy Rainfall

Virtual tour 4: A Heavy Rainfall

Rain is good for the earth and living organisms on it. We enjoy it when it rains! Right? But more is not always merrier. It can even cause a lot of destruction. So, what if it rains heavily? Heavy rains may lead to a rise in the level of water in rivers, lakes, and ponds. The water may then flood the neighboring areas. The crop fields, forests, villages, and cities all get submerged in water.

Virtual tour 5 Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting

Virtual tour 5: Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting

The basic idea behind rainwater harvesting is “Catching, collecting and storing the water where it falls”. Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collecting and storing rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks. One of the methods of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting.

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