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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 9: Up You Go !

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

We will visit a dense green forest and are going to cross the river with the help of a zip line. We have to get hold of the rope and pull ourselves forward. Crossing a river with the help of a zip line is a courageous and exciting adventure. Now let’s move on to the Rock Mountains. Rock climbing is difficult for beginners but it’s also an exciting and fun activity. The utmost care and safety measures need to be undertaken, otherwise, we might hurt ourselves and fall. We all love camping in snow and sleeping in tents. It is so much fun when we are out with friends. Tents and sleeping bags are used to protect ourselves from such cold environments.

Virtual tour 1 River crossing Adventure

Virtual tour 1: River crossing Adventure

It is rightly said that All Fun and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. So in today’s virtual tour, we will go on an adventure. This is going to be super exciting and will require a lot of courage. Here we will cross a river with the help of a zip line. But first, you will require a little bit of muscular strength and training to carry out this adventure.

Virtual tour 2 Rock Climbing

Virtual tour 2: Rock Climbing

We have overcome our thrilling adventure virtual tour 1. Now let us move on to another set of adventurous virtual tour i.e Rock Climbing. For rock climbing, we would require a rope, sling, helmet, and clamps. Remember, never look down to the ground, when you are climbing the mountain otherwise you might feel a little dizzy and scared of the height.

Virtual tour 3 Camp in the snow

Virtual tour 3: Camp in the snow

We have covered rivers and mountains. Now it’s time for some snow.  In this virtual tour, we will go camping in the snowy mountains. We see mountain climbers resting by putting up tents. It requires a lot of pulling and tugging. Camps are really enjoyable as we cook, and eat with our friends and family.

Virtual tour 4 Snow mountain climbing

Virtual tour 4: Snow mountain climbing

We have completed camping in the snowy mountain and regained our energy. It’s time for us to climb that snowy mountain. Climbing a snow mountain would require trekking shoes, ice axes, ropes, and sling to complete this adventure. The higher you climb, the less dense you find. After you reach the top of the mountain, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful nature around us.

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