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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 5: Seeds and Seeds

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

What is the use of the green-colored pigment which the plant leaves on their surfaces? We will learn why growing more trees is important. Plants inhale CO2 and exhale O2 which is the basic need for the survival of human beings. Further in the chapter, we will understand how the plant is grown? Also, the way roots help to transport all the necessary nutrients so that plants can have a longer life. Few plants get their food from animals. There are carnivorous plants that can grow in places where the soil is thin. Seeds are also there on the flowers. These seeds scatter everywhere on the ground. With the help of air, water, birds, or animals they travel to different places and when they settle down they become a tree.

Virtual tour 1 The Basic photosynthesis process

Virtual tour 1: The Basic photosynthesis process

How do the plants make their food? Plants are the building blocks of the food chain process. In this virtual tour, we will learn how plants make their food with the help of the process called photosynthesis and what is the role of sunlight, water, minerals, and carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process.

Virtual tour 2 Pitcher plant- The insect hunter

Virtual tour 2: Pitcher plant- The insect hunter

Can plants hunt their food? That’s a strange fact because plants cannot move. But, yes plants can trap little insects and animals for their food. What do you call such a plant? The plant has a special smell that attracts insects to it. When an insect falls on the surface of the plant, it gets trapped and cannot get out.

Virtual tour 3 Seed dispersal

Virtual tour 3: Seed dispersal

Can seeds travel from one place to another? Yes, some seeds travel with the help of water. Some seeds are very light. They can be transported via air with the help of birds, animals, or even air. Seeds are at times picked up by birds and small animals that eat the fruit covering around them and drop the seed.

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