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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 4: Mangoes Round the Year

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Any kind of food which is kept for a longer period without proper preservation gets spoiled. We will here learn about the substance responsible for spoiling the food.  In what ways the moisture and warmth work out their way in rotting the food. Why do our mothers use refrigerators? What could be the possible consequence of the food we eat daily if refrigerators would not be there? Later in the chapter, we will have a fun activity where we will learn how to make Aam Papad. This has been the most loved delicacy by all the children.

Virtual tour 1 Food spoilage

Virtual tour 1: Food spoilage

How does the food get spoiled? When the foods and bread are kept for long, a green-colored layer is built on them. Have you ever wondered what that is? There is science behind everything, in this virtual tour with the example of bread and milk you will get more clarity as to how our food gets spoiled.

Virtual tour 2 The making of Aam papad

Virtual tour 2: The making of Aam papad

How can you preserve the favorite fruit of everybody i.e Mangoes?  In this virtual tour, we will learn how to make Aam Papad. What is the advantage of learning, if it isn’t fun actually? You can preserve Aam papad for an entire year until the next mango season comes in.

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