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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 3: From Tasting to Digesting

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

This chapter will cover the basics of the digestive system.  It begins with a detailed understanding of the function of taste buds. We have witnessed the ting and the tang taste whenever we eat something sweet and sour. This chapter will educate you about which nerve stimulates your taste buds. You will also understand the taste sensation which is generated by different areas on a tongue. After the tongue, we will get to know about how our digestive system works. It includes knowing the process of ingestion, digestion, and elimination.

Virtual tour 1 A Sense of Taste

Virtual tour 1: A Sense of Taste

In this virtual tour, we will begin our journey inside the mouth of the human body. The tongue is the first body part from where our digestion starts. Apart from digestion, the tongue plays an important role in differentiating taste. The tongue is divided into the center part, side part, and innermost part. These areas of the tongue are then responsible for the sweet, sour, and bitter taste. The virtual tour will explain to you in detail the role of each part of the tongue.

Virtual tour 2 Introduction of Digestive system

Virtual tour 2: Introduction of Digestive system

After the mouth, we will go deep inside the human body. The food particles move from the mouth into the stomach wherein the mixing movements occur. Then the piece of food goes inside the small intestine and large intestine. At last, the food molecules that cannot be digested or absorbed need to be eliminated from the body.

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