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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 19: A Seed tells a Farmer's Story

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

In ancient times, from good crops seeds were separated and stored in a wooden box with neem leaves to protect them from insects. They used these seeds for the next sowing. Farmers have started using fertilizers and tractors in farming. The same type of crop is grown so that they can earn more. The new method is bad for the soil and also causes unemployment for people who worked in the fields. Fast forward to 20 years, we will also learn about more development in farming methods, and what are some of the new methods of storing crops.

Virtual tour 1 Old farming methods

Virtual tour 1: Old farming methods

In ancient times, Each year farmers used to keep aside some seeds from a good crop. Good seeds were stored in the dried gourd which was then coated with mud.  Everyone in the village helped each other, even in farming. When the crops were ready and harvested, everyone celebrated it together.

Virtual tour 2 Transformations in old farming methods

Virtual tour 2: Transformations in old farming methods

We will get to know about after 20 years, the new developments which have taken place in farming methods and agriculture. What is the kind of instruments used in farming and how houses have developed? People have bought new machines for farming. People usually travel through motorcycles to go to the city easily and also a tractor to plow the field.

Virtual tour 3 Modern Farming Methods

Virtual tour 3: Modern Farming Methods

Modern farming involves machines, chemical fertilizers, pesticides etcetera. It is an easy method but things are expensive. Considering the present lifestyle, earnings just from farming is not enough to take care of the farmer’s family. Farmer’s children are moving to new occupations like truck driving.

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