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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 18: No Place for Us?

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Old villages have a wonderful culture and environment. You will always witness peace in the village. People live together with togetherness and harmony. They use things from the forest nearby for their daily consumption. We will also get to know how difficult it is for villagers to settle in a city. They don’t have enough land for farming and keeping animals. Their children also struggle to find a school, learn a new language, and adjust to its culture. We will also visit Mumbai, where there is a lot of pollution. In cities so many facilities are available but everything is costly. There is unrest in life and no place to stay freely.

Virtual tour 1 A Village Life

Virtual tour 1: A Village Life

People in villages live like a big family. That is why during summer vacations we tend to visit our maternal or paternal villages to have some fun, enjoyment, and inner peace. The major source of revenue in villages is by farming or selling fruits, milk, vegetables, handmade items, and herbs in nearby towns. With that money, they buy household things like groceries and clothes. In our virtual tour, we will go to a village and will learn what are the problems concerning the people there.

Virtual tour 2 A life after shifting to small city

Virtual tour 2: A life after shifting to small city

In small cities, there is just one room. There is no place to keep animals. The people coming from the village are able to afford only a small piece of land which is also not enough for farming. There are so many difficulties when a villager lives in a city. The medical facility is costly, children have to learn a new language and even adjust to its culture.

Virtual tour 3 A life after shifting to metro city

Virtual tour 3: A life after shifting to metro city

Houses are very costly in Mumbai and people find no place to live easily. People do hard work for livelihood. In cities many facilities are available but without money nothing is useful. We will also know about the hardships which the villagers face and why they should not leave their village unnecessarily because life in the city is not so easy for them.

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