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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 14: When the earth Shook!

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

A sudden movement of a part of the Earth’s surface is called an earthquake. To protect oneself from the earthquake remember to rush yourself first either to open-ground or sit under a table so that you don’t get hurt by the debris. Always help people who are stuck in a natural disaster. Government agencies and voluntary groups provide help and support to the earthquake-affected people. The Reconstruction of buildings is essential after an earthquake.

Virtual tour 1 The Earthquake

Virtual tour 1: The Earthquake

Whenever a natural disaster like an earthquake occurs, If possible, leave the house and go to open ground. If you can’t get out, sit down under strong and solid things like a table, and hold it tightly. Don’t get out of the solid thing until the earthquake stops.

Virtual tour 2 After an earthquake

Virtual tour 2: After an earthquake

In this virtual tour, we will see the impacts of the earthquake on life. Many people lose their families as well as their homes whenever natural disasters hit. So we should help people during such times. Help is provided by health workers and the government in the form of ambulances and providing food and shelter in disaster-prone areas.

Virtual tour 3 Reconstruction after an earthquake

Virtual tour 3: Reconstruction after an earthquake

Some old buildings which were partially affected by the earthquake are demolished and reconstructed. So in this virtual tour, we will see how the reconstruction work takes place after a city gets destroyed by a natural disaster. We will see the rehabilitation of the city which was affected by the earthquake

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