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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 12: What if it Finishes?

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

Here we will understand how traffic signals work and will also learn about the meaning of the important traffic signs. To avoid accidents one should always be a responsible citizen and follow all traffic rules. Petrol, diesel, and CNG are the types of fuel, which are used in various vehicles according to their need.  We will also learn about the different types of fuel sources. We will also understand why LPG is a better fuel than wood and coal in the sense of better health.

Virtual tour 1 Important Traffic signs and rules

Virtual tour 1: Important Traffic signs and rules

In this virtual tour, we will go on a car ride and learn some traffic rules. Do you know what the green, yellow and red light at the traffic signal signifies? We should always cross the roads through the zebra crossing. Cars, buses, and other kinds of vehicles emit lots of harmful gases and pollutes the environment.

Virtual tour 2 Conserve the useful fuels

Virtual tour 2: Conserve the useful fuels

There are various kinds of fuel which we use in different vehicles. At the petrol pumps, we can observe that there are gas stations which have different kinds of fuels like petrol, CNG or Kerosene. Fuel resources on our earth are limited. Therefore we should save fuel and make it a habit.

Virtual tour 3 Various cooking fuels

Virtual tour 3: Various cooking fuels

Our Grandmother used to cook at Chulha in their time because LPG or gas cylinders were not readily available for common people. Another way in which the food is cooked in the ancient time was on the coal stove. In this virtual tour, we will explore various kinds of cooking fuel- ancient as well as modern.

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