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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 11: Sunita in Space

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

The space shuttle launching station is the place where a space shuttle is placed after all the preparations of launching. We will learn how the space shuttle fires up in the sky. In space, there is no gravity which is basically a force that pulls two objects towards each other. If you want to go outside in space, you have to wear a spacesuit which will protect you from harmful radiation. Space is made up of a dark atmosphere, no air, and harmful radiation. This is why astronauts wear proper gear before stepping outside the space shuttle.

Virtual tour 1 A Space Shuttle Launching

Virtual tour 1: A Space Shuttle Launching

Space Shuttle is a reusable launch vehicle that carries astronauts and cargo into space and brings them back again. Space shuttles are launched from a launching pad which is usually known as a Space shuttle launching station. The speed at which the space shuttle moves is so fast that within minutes it reaches the earth’s orbit.

Virtual tour 2 Life in Space

Virtual tour 2: Life in Space

In this virtual tour, we will meet Sunita.  This virtual tour will explain and guide us about the insides of the space station. Inside the space shuttle, everything floats. Even if you scream at the top of your voice, no one can hear you. This is so strange, right? we will discover the scientific reason behind this in our virtual tour.

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