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VR Tour For Std. 5 Ch. 1: Supersenses

What's Included in Virtual tour of this chapter

The chapter will help the children to get to know about the amazing unknown facts about animals and their supersenses. How animals get to know about the danger beforehand. Children would get to know the disciplined behavior of the ants which is possible because of an invisible magic trick. What super sense does the tiger have? And at last how sharp are an eagle’s eyes. All animals have a special sense of knowing when a natural disaster is hitting beforehand. In this way, they not only help each other but also humans to protect themselves from the calamity.

Virtual tour 1 Supersense of Danger

Virtual tour 1: Supersense of Danger

How do monkeys warn each other of danger? The way we help our friends when the teacher enters the classroom so that we don’t get caught. We help our friends by doing some hand gestures, different kinds of voices, or even some code words. Monkeys have a strange sign to protect themselves from potential danger. Similarly, birds also have different sign calls.

Virtual tour 2 Supersense of Smell

Virtual tour 2: Supersense of Smell

Powerful supersense of ants. When we drop something sweet ants gather. Ants use special nerve cells attached to their antennas. Why ants are moving in line. As the ants move they leave their Invisible chemical and other ants follow each other.

Virtual tour 3 Supersense of Hearing

Virtual tour 3: Supersense of Hearing

What supersense does a tiger have? Tiger can see 6 times better at night. Tiger has a supersense of sound and can easily make out between the rustling of leaves and the sound of moving an animal on the grass. Tigers make different sounds for different purposes.

Virtual tour 4 Supersense of sight

Virtual tour 4: Supersense of Sight

What supersense does the eagle have? It can see 4 times as far as compared to human beings. Eagle can easily identify his food far from the ground.

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