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VR Kit for Grade 9

Product Specification

  • NCERT Class 9 syllabus wise content which includes more than 90 activities.
  • An offline VR content which is easy to access from anywhere anytime.
  • The important topics of agriculture, medical science, cell biology, physics, atmospheric science, biology, chemistry, and many more.
  • Many interesting place visits, industrial visits awareness topics, adventure, a space journey, and many more that make science interesting.
  • With virtual tour student can visit many different places which helps them to understand complex topics easily like adventure, space journey, industrial visit, internal parts of leaves etc. that makes science very interesting…

Rs 40,000 ( MRP 67000, special discount applied)

Why you should gift fotonVR Kit to your child

  • Interactive science learning activities which make science exciting and enjoyable!
  • Science experiments and virtual field trips help your kid to understand fundamental concepts of science.
  • Learning with VR creates interest in the science subject.
  • Say no to mugging difficult topics. Just wear VR and learn Science easily with FotonVR.
  • As VR gives a 360-degree immersive experience, it improves imagination skill of the child.
  • All activities of fotonvr are designed in such a way that it develops creative thinking of the child.
  • FotonVR kit follows a syllabus of the science subject which is useful to all curriculums.
  • A light-weighted, comfortable, and easy to wear with the glasses VR headset.
  •  It contains adjustable head straps and a soft nose area which makes it secure to wear.
  • fotonVR Kit comes with standalone VR headset so no need to use a mobile device for learning.

We use high-quality VR device which is not harmful to the eyes, for more info read our blog here.

Chapters and Its Activity List

Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings
Activity 1 Introduction about matters surrounding us
Activity 2 Atomic structure of solid, liquid and gas
Activity 3 Conversation process of solid to liquid to gas

Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure?

Activity 1 what are elements,compound and mixtures
Activity 2 Types of mixtures solid, liquid and gas
Activity 3 What is a solution
Activity 4 What is a suspension

Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution
Activity 5 colloidal solution

Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules

Activity 1 Law of conservation of mass
Activity 2 Law of constant proportions
Activity 3 How does atoms exist and what is a molecules?
Activity 4 Molecules of elements

Chapter 4 Structure of The Atom

Activity 1 Introduction to Atom
Activity 2 Thomson model, Rutherford experiment, and Bohr model
Activity 3 Atomic Number and Mass Number
Activity 4 Electronic Configuration of elements
Activity 5 Valency and variable valency
Activity 6 Nobel gases’ electronic configuration
Activity 7 Isotopes and Isobars

Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life
Activity 1 Basic structure of Animal cell
Activity 2 Basic structure of Plant cell
Activity 3 Different cells of Human body

Chapter 6 Tissues

Activity 1 Plant Tissue
Activity 2 Simple permanent tissue
Activity 3 Epidermal and Guard Cells
Activity 4 Complex permanent tissue
Activity 5 Animal Tissue
Activity 6 Connective Tissue
Activity 7 Muscular Tissue

Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organisms
Activity 1 Biological Classification
Activity 2 The hierarchy of classification- Groups Detailed information of the five kingdom
Activity 3 Classification of Plants- Information about five classes of plant
Activity 4 Classification of Animals
Activity 5 Classes of Vertebrates
Activity 6 Nomenclature

Chapter 8 Motion

Activity 1 Uniform motion
Activity 2 Velocity vs Time graph for uniform motion
Activity 3 Distance vs Time graph For uniform motion
Activity 4 Non-Uniform motion
Activity 5 Distance Vs Time Graph for non-uniform motion
Activity 6 Velocity Vs Time non-uniform motion

Chapter 9 Force and Laws of Motion
Activity 1 Balance and Unbalance forces
Activity 2 First law of motion
Activity 3 Inertia and mass
Activity 4 Second law of motion
Activity 5 Third law of motion
Activity 6 Conservation of momentum

Chapter 10 Gravitation

Activity 1 Universal Law of Gravitation
Activity 2 Free Fall
Activity 3 Mass and Weight
Activity 4 Thrust and Pressure
Activity 5 Archimedes Principle

Chapter 11 Work and Energy

Activity 1 What is Work?
Activity 2 The Concept of Energy
Activity 3 Forms of Energy
Activity 4 The understanding of Potential Energy
Activity 5 The Law of conservation of Energy
Activity 6 potential energy of an object at a height
Activity 7 The Rate of Doing Work and Definition of 1 KWh

Chapter 12 Sound waves and longitudinal waves
Activity 1 Production and propagation of sound
Activity 2 Sound waves andlongitudinal waves
Activity 3 Frequency
Activity 4 Sonic boom
Activity 5 Echo
Activity 6 Reverberation
Activity 7 Uses of multiple reflection of sound
Activity 8 Applications of ultrasound

Chapter 13 Why do we fall ill?

Activity 1 Health and its failure
Activity 2 Disease and its causes- part 1
Activity 3 Disease and its causes- part 2
Activity 4 Malaria
Activity 5 Cholera
Activity 6 Principles of Prevention
Activity 7 Treatment

Chapter 14 Natural Resources

Activity 1 The movement of air:winds
Activity 2 The movement of hot air:winds
Activity 3 Rain
Activity 4 Air pollution
Activity 5 water pollution
Activity 6 Water cycle
Activity 7 Nitrogen cycle
Activity 8 Carbon cycle
Activity 9 Oxygen cycle
Activity 10 Ozone layer

Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources
Activity 1 Improvement in crop yilds
Activity 2 Nutrient management
Activity 3 Crop Protection
Activity 4 Storage of grains
Activity 5 Animal husbandry
Activity 6 Polutary farming
Activity 7 Fisheries
Activity 8 Beekeeping

Sample content in 2D for your reference

See what's included in VR Kit.

VR Kit Includes following Content

  • 1 FotonvVR Device with charger, data cable, user manual, warranty card etc.
  • Complete VR Learning Content for Grade you choose.
  • 1 Year Updates for content.
  • 1 Year Warranty for VR Device.
  • Technical Support for VR content.

fotonVR Headset features

Display 2.5K
Weight 268g
Refresh rate 90Hz
Storage 16GB
Content Science
Tracking 3DoF

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Learning with fun is not dream now, order your fotonVR and you will be learning science and its concept in virtual world very soon. Game like feeling in learning will increase your interest in science. fotonVR is for you if you are in any standard 5th to 10th.

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