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VR Kit for Grade 8

Product Specification

  • NCERT Class 8 content with 85 creative and easily elaborated activities.
  • A lifelong education that makes students fly in the sky of imagination and knowledge.
  • Here students will get many topics to learn of biology, medical science, agriculture, chemistry, physics, natural science, environmental science, awareness, and many more.
  • It adds more fun by visiting many different places like under water, On mountains, earth quake etc.

Rs 35,000 ( MRP 67000, special discount applied)

Why you should gift fotonVR Kit to your child

  • Interactive science learning activities which make science exciting and enjoyable!
  • Science experiments and virtual field trips help your kid to understand fundamental concepts of science.
  • Learning with VR creates interest in the science subject.
  • Say no to mugging difficult topics. Just wear VR and learn Science easily with FotonVR.
  • As VR gives a 360-degree immersive experience, it improves imagination skill of the child.
  • All activities of fotonvr are designed in such a way that it develops creative thinking of the child.
  • FotonVR kit follows a syllabus of the science subject which is useful to all curriculums.
  • A light-weighted, comfortable, and easy to wear with the glasses VR headset.
  •  It contains adjustable head straps and a soft nose area which makes it secure to wear.
  • fotonVR Kit comes with standalone VR headset so no need to use a mobile device for learning.

We use high-quality VR device which is not harmful to the eyes, for more info read our blog here.

Chapters and Its Activity List

Chapter 1 Crop Production
and Management
Activity 1 Cultivation of crops by ploughing
Activity 2 Sowing
Activity 3 Irrigation
Activity 4 Adding manure and fertilisers and Its protection from weedicide
Activity 5 Harwesting
Chapter 2 Microorganisms Friend and Foe
Activity 1 Microorganisms
Activity 2 Vaccine
Activity 3 Fungi
Activity 4 Virus
Activity 5 Food preservation
Chapter 3 Synthetic Fibers and Plastics
Activity 1 What is Polymer?
Activity 2 Types of Fiber
Activity 3 Types of Plastic
Chapter 4 Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
Activity 1 Physical property of metal and non metal
Activity 2 Metals are good conductors of electricity
Activity 3 Metals are hard, lustrous, malleable, ductile, sonorous
Activity 4 Chemical properties of metal part 1
Activity 5 Chemical properties of metal part 2
Activity 6 Chemical properties of non metal
Activity 7 Chemical properties of metal part 3
Activity 8 Reactions of acids with metals part 1(Iron)
Activity 9 Reactions of acids with metals part 2(Copper)
Activity10 Relative reactivities of metals

Chapter 5 Coal and Petroleum

Activity 1 Introduction of coal
Activity 2 Processing of coal-tar and coke
Activity 3 Petroleum refinery

Chapter 6 Combustion and Flame
Activity 1 Combustion needs oxigen
Activity 2 Heating water in paper cup
Activity 3 Controlling fire
Activity 4 Types of combustion
Activity 5 Structure of flame
Chapter 7 Conservation of Plants and Animals
Activity 1 National park
Activity 2 Wild Life Sanctuary
Activity 3 Forests: Our Lifeline
Activity 4 Deforestation
Chapter 8 Cell – Structure and Functions
Activity 1 Animal Cell
Activity 2 Plant Cell
Activity 3 Organ cells
Chapter 9 Reproduction in Animals
Activity 1 Male reproductive organs
Activity 2 Female reproductive organs
Activity 3 Fertilization in human
Activity 4 Development of embryo in humans
Activity 5 Fertilization in frog
Activity 6 Hydra (budding)asexual reproduction
Activity 7 Amoeba (binary fission)
Chapter 10 Reaching The Age of Adolescence
Activity 1 Intro about Glands
Activity 2 Human sex determination- Male
Activity 3 Human sex determination- Female

Chapter 11 Force and Pressure

Activity 1 Information about Force
Activity 2 Exploring Forces
Activity 3 Force can change the state of motion
Activity 4 Force can change the shape of object
Activity 5 Contact Force
Activity 6 Non- contact force

Chapter 12 Friction

Activity 1 Introduction of Friction
Activity 2 Factors affecting Friction
Activity 3 Factors affecting Friction with examples
Activity 4 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction
Activity 5 Increasing and Reducing Friction
Activity 6 Rolling Friction
Activity 7 Fluid Friction

Chapter 13 Sound

Activity 1 What create sound
Activity 2 How voice box works
Activity 3 Sound needs a medium to propagate
Activity 4 ear structure and function

Chapter 14 Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Activity 1 Conductivity of liquids
Activity 2 Electroplating
Activity 3 Electroplating- In realtime
Chapter 15 Some Natural Phenomena
Activity 1 Types of charges, their interaction and Transfer of Charges
Activity 2 Lightning
Activity 3 Earthquake – its cause & effect
Activity 4 Seismograph

Chapter 16 Light

Activity 1 Laws of reflection
Activity 2 Regular & Diffuse reflection
Activity 3 Periscope
Activity 4 Normal eye
Activity 5 Mayopia eye
Activity 6 Hypermetropia eye
Activity 7 Presbyopia eye

Chapter 17 Stars and The Solar System
Activity 1 Day and Night on earth
Activity 2 Change of season on earth
Activity 3 Phases of the moon
Activity 4 Introduction to solar system and it’s planets
Activity 5 Constellations
Activity 6 Comets, meteors, and meteorites
Activity 7 Artificial satellites
Chapter 18 Pollution of Air and Water
Activity 1 Air pollution
Activity 2 Water pollution
Activity 3 waste water purification Plant

Sample content in 2D for your reference

See what's included in VR Kit.

VR Kit Includes following Content

  • 1 FotonvVR Device with charger, data cable, user manual, warranty card etc.
  • Complete VR Learning Content for Grade you choose.
  • 1 Year Updates for content.
  • 1 Year Warranty for VR Device.
  • Technical Support for VR content.

fotonVR Headset features

Display 2.5K
Weight 268g
Refresh rate 90Hz
Storage 16GB
Content Science
Tracking 3DoF

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Learning with fun is not dream now, order your fotonVR and you will be learning science and its concept in virtual world very soon. Game like feeling in learning will increase your interest in science. fotonVR is for you if you are in any standard 5th to 10th.

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