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VR Kit for Grade 7

Product Specification

  • NCERT Class 7 interactive content which includes more than 80 activities.
  • An amazing VR world where education is delivered with an outstanding visualization.
  • Covered all learning topics like microbiology, zoology, botany, anatomy, biodiversity, thermodynamics, life cycles, hydrology, chemical reactions, ecology, motion, light, electricity, and many more.

Rs 35,000 ( MRP 67000, special discount applied)

Why you should gift fotonVR Kit to your child

  • Interactive science learning activities which make science exciting and enjoyable!
  • Science experiments and virtual field trips help your kid to understand fundamental concepts of science.
  • Learning with VR creates interest in the science subject.
  • Say no to mugging difficult topics. Just wear VR and learn Science easily with FotonVR.
  • As VR gives a 360-degree immersive experience, it improves imagination skill of the child.
  • All activities of fotonvr are designed in such a way that it develops creative thinking of the child.
  • FotonVR kit follows a syllabus of the science subject which is useful to all curriculums.
  • A light-weighted, comfortable, and easy to wear with the glasses VR headset.
  •  It contains adjustable head straps and a soft nose area which makes it secure to wear.
  • fotonVR Kit comes with standalone VR headset so no need to use a mobile device for learning.

We use high-quality VR device which is not harmful to the eyes, for more info read our blog here.

Chapters and Its Activity List

Chapter 1 Nutrition in Plants

Activity 1 Photosynthesis

Chapter 2 Nutrition in Animals

Activity 1 Digestive system- Human
Activity 2 Digestive system- Cow
Activity 3 Digestive system- Amoeba

Chapter 3 Fiber to Fabric

Activity 1 Shearing and Scouring
Activity 2 Sorting and Dyeing
Activity 3 Process of weaving pool
Activity 4 Process of obtaining silk from silkworm

Chapter 5 Acids, Bases and Salts

Activity 1 Photosynthesis
Activity 2 Identification of Acid and Base
Activity 3 Natural indicator : making of hibiscus patra
Activity 4 Making of turmeric patra
Activity 5 Neutralization process
Activity 6 Ant sting

Chapter 6 Physical and Chemical Changes
Activity 1 Types of physical changes part- 1
Activity 2 Types of physical changes part- 2
Activity 3 A combustion of magnesium strip
Activity 4 Rusting of iron
Activity 5 Reactivity of Metals
Chapter 7 Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
Activity 1 The Polar region
Activity 2 The Tropical Rain Forest
Chapter 8 Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Activity 1 Air Exerts Pressure- Part 1- By the example of Water Can
Activity 2 Air Exerts Pressure- Part 2-By the example of fire extinguisher
Activity 3 Pressure in the air
Activity 4 The Hot air always up
Activity 5 The wind influx
Activity 6 The seasonal Winds

Chapter 9 Soil

Activity 1 Soil Profile
Activity 2 Soil properties
Activity 3 moisture in soil
Activity 4 soil layers
Activity 5 water absorption by soil

Chapter 10 Respiration in Organisms
Activity 1 How to measure the breathing rate?
Activity 2 How do we breathe?
Activity 3 Aerobic respiration
Activity 4 Aerobic respiration with less oxygen
Activity 5 Anaerobic respiration
Activity 6 Breathing: cockroach and earthworm
Activity 7 breathing of fish in water
Activity 8 Respiration in plants.
Chapter 11 Transportation in Animals and Plants
Activity 1 Blood and its substances
Activity 2 Circulatory system, pulse, pulse rate and blood circulation from heart
Activity 3 Human heart ,section of heart,blood flow and heart beat
Activity 4 Excretory system in humans
Activity 5 Transport of water

Chapter 12 Reproduction in Plants

Activity 1 root development from the system cutting of plants
Activity 2 potato plant sprouting from an ‘eye’
Activity 3 the Leaf of life(Bryophyllum)
Activity 4 vegitative propagation occursin cactus
Activity 5 Budding in yeast cells
Activity 6 Fragmentation in spirogyra
Activity 7 Asexual reproduction by spore formation
Activity 8 Reproduction through spore formation in fern
Activity 9 introduction to reproduction organ in plant

Chapter 13 Motion and Time

Activity 1 Slow motion or Fast motion
Activity 2 Measurement Of Time
Activity 3 What is speed and how to measure it?
Activity 4 Measuring Speed meter per second unit
Activity 5 What is uniform motion and non-uniform motion?
Activity 6 Distance vs. Time graph for uniform motion and non-uniform motion

Chapter 14 Electric Current and Its Effects
Activity 1 Symbol of electric components
Activity 2 Making of holder and its use
Activity 3 Heating Effect
Activity 4 Heating Effect
Activity 5 Electromagnet
Activity 6 Electric Bell

Chapter 15 Light

Activity 1 Light travels along a straight line
Activity 2 Usages of the concave mirror
Activity 3 Usages of convax mirror
Activity 4 The Newton’s Disc
Activity 5 What happens when light passes through the convex lens and concave lens Activity 6 Laws of reflection of light

Chapter 16 Water: A Precious Resource
Activity 1 Water source on earth
Activity 2 Water Cycle
Activity 3 Water storage

Chapter 17 Forests: Our Lifeline

Activity 1 Visit to a forest
Activity 2 The food chain
Activity 3 Food chain
Activity 4 The balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Activity 5 How to prevent soil erosion

Chapter 18 Waste Water Story

Activity 1 Waste Water
Activity 2 Water purification

Sample content in 2D for your reference

See what's included in VR Kit.

VR Kit Includes following Content

  • 1 FotonvVR Device with charger, data cable, user manual, warranty card etc.
  • Complete VR Learning Content for Grade you choose.
  • 1 Year Updates for content.
  • 1 Year Warranty for VR Device.
  • Technical Support for VR content.

fotonVR Headset features

Display 2.5K
Weight 268g
Refresh rate 90Hz
Storage 16GB
Content Science
Tracking 3DoF

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Learning with fun is not dream now, order your fotonVR and you will be learning science and its concept in virtual world very soon. Game like feeling in learning will increase your interest in science. fotonVR is for you if you are in any standard 5th to 10th.

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