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VR Kit for Grade 10

Product Specification

  • NCERT Class 10 science content with more than 100 creative activities.
  • Class 10 VR based innovative and interactive learning, which fills the colors of excitement and fun in the hard and boring topics of science for students.
  • An amazing recreation of many topics of physics, chemical reactions, acid-base solutions, organic chemistry, human anatomy, botany, microbiology, genetics, health issues, astronomy, ecology, hydrology, and many more.
  • The environment topics that bring awareness about the importance of environment, natural resources, cleanliness, etc.

Rs 40,000 ( MRP 67000, special discount applied)

Why you should gift fotonVR Kit to your child

  • Interactive science learning activities which make science exciting and enjoyable!
  • Science experiments and virtual field trips help your kid to understand fundamental concepts of science.
  • Learning with VR creates interest in the science subject.
  • Say no to mugging difficult topics. Just wear VR and learn Science easily with FotonVR.
  • As VR gives a 360-degree immersive experience, it improves imagination skill of the child.
  • All activities of fotonvr are designed in such a way that it develops creative thinking of the child.
  • FotonVR kit follows a syllabus of the science subject which is useful to all curriculums.
  • A light-weighted, comfortable, and easy to wear with the glasses VR headset.
  •  It contains adjustable head straps and a soft nose area which makes it secure to wear.
  • fotonVR Kit comes with standalone VR headset so no need to use a mobile device for learning.

We use high-quality VR device which is not harmful to the eyes, for more info read our blog here.

Chapters and Its Activity List

Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
Activity 1 The process of burning of a magnesium ribbon
Activity 2 Combination Reaction
Activity 3 Decomposition Reaction
Activity 4 Displacement Reaction
Activity 5 Double Displacement Reaction
Activity 6 Oxidation- Reduction

Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts

Activity 1 Acids and Bases in the laboratory
Activity 2 How do acids and bases react with metals?
Activity 3 How do metal carbonates and metal hydrogen carbonates react with acids?
Activity 4 What do all acids and all bases have in common?

Activity 5 What happens to an acid or base in a water solution?
Activity 6 Are the crystals of salts really dry?
Activity 7 Reaction of metallic oxides with acids
Activity 8 Is this an exothermicor endothermic process?
Activity 9 How do acids and bases react with each other?

Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals

Activity 1 Physical Property of Metals
Activity 2 Electric coductor and Insulator
Activity 3 Chemical properties of Metal
Activity 4 Metal reaction with Water
Activity 5 Series of Metals
Activity 6 Property of Ionic components
Activity 7 Concentration of ore and Magnetic seperation process
Activity 8 Prevention of corrosion

Chapter 4 Carbon and Its Compounds
Activity 1 Types of covalent bond
Activity 2 Versatile nature of carbon
Activity 3 Saturate and Unsaturated carbon compound
Activity 4 Alootropes of carbon
Activity 5 Homologous series and nomenculture of chlorine group
Activity 6 Homologous series and nomenculture of hydroxyl group
Activity 7 Homologous series and nomenculture of aldehyde group
Activity 8 Homologous series and nomenculture of carboxylic group
Activity 9 homologous series and nomenclature of unsaturated compound
Activity 10 Chemical property of carbon compoud
Activity 11 Soap And Detergent
Chapter 5 Periodic Classification of Elements
Activity 1 Dobereiner’s Triads of elements
Activity 2 Newland’s law of octaves
Activity 3 Mendeleev’s periodic table
Activity 4 Modern Periodic Table

Chapter 6 Life Processes

Activity 1 Nutrition in plants (autotrophs)
Activity 2 Nutrition in single cell
Activity 3 Human digestive system
Activity 4 Types of Respiration
Activity 5 Human respiratory system
Activity 6 Functions of Heart

Activity 7 Transport and exchange of O2 and CO2 in human
Activity 8 Blood vessels,platelets and lymph Activity 9 Transportation of water and food in plant
Activity 10 Excretory system in human
Activity 11 Hemodialysis
Activity 12 Excretion in plants
Chapter 7 Control and Coordination
Activity 1 The Human Nervous System
Activity 2 What happens in reflex actions?
Activity 3 The human brain
Activity 4 hormones in human and the endocrine glands
Activity 5 Movement due to growth. (tropism)
Activity 6 movement due to growth. nestism)
Activity 7 hormones of the plant

Chapter 8 How do Organisms Reproduce?

Activity 1 Binary fission
Activity 2 Fragmentation
Activity 3 Regeneration
Activity 4 Budding
Activity 5 Spore formation
Activity 6 Vegetative propagation by Sprouting (Potato activity)
Activity 7 Vegetative propagation by leaf in the Bryophyllum plant
Activity 8 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Activity 9 Reproduction in Human Beings (male and female)

Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution

Activity 1 Introduction of heredity and DNA
Activity 2 Mendel’s law of segregation and the law of dominance
Activity 3 Mendel’s law of independent assortment
Activity 4 Sex determination in the human
Activity 5 Evolution and classification
Activity 6 Evolution of wild cabbage
Activity 7 Evolution of wild cabbage
Activity 8 Evolution
Activity 9 How do fossils form

Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction
Activity 1 Law of reflection
Activity 2 Making process of concave and convex mirror
Activity 3 Introduction
Activity 4 Defination
Activity 5 Nature, Position and Size of image formed by the Concave mirror
Activity 6 Nature, Position and Size of image formed by the Convex mirror
Activity 7 Reflection of Light
Activity 8 Making process of concave and convex Lens
Activity 9 Reflection by concave and convex Lens
Activity 10 Image formulation by concave Lens
Activity 11 Image formulation by concvex Lens
Chapter 11 Human Eye and Colourful World
Activity 1 Human eye
Activity 2 Defects of vision
Activity 3 Refraction and dispersion of light
Activity 4 Primary and Secondary Rainbow
Activity 5 Atmospheric refraction
Activity 6 Star twinkle
Activity 7 Advance sunrise – delayed sunset
Activity 8 Scattering of light
Activity 9 Why color of sky blue
Activity 10 Color of sun at sunrise and sunset

Chapter 12 Electricity

Activity 1 What is Current?
Activity 2 OHM’S LAW
Activity 3 Relation between R & I for constant V with different electric material.
Activity 4 Resistivity
Activity 5 Resistance of a system of resistor
Activity 6 Resistors in Series
Activity 7 Resistors in Parallel
Activity 8 Heating Effect of Electric Current

Chapter 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Activity 1 Magnetic Lines and Magnetic field creates in simple electric circuit
Activity 2 Magnetic field effect on different Conductor with different shapes Right -Hand Thumb Rule”
Activity 3 Magnetic field due to a current in a solenoid
Activity 4 Fleming’s lefthand rule
Activity 5 Electric motor
Activity 6 Electromagnetic Induction
Activity 7 Electric Generator

Chapter 14 Sources of Energy

Activity 1 Types of Good sources of Energy
Activity 2 Fossil Fuels
Activity 3 Thermal Power Plant
Activity 4 Hydro Power plant
Activity 5 Biomass
Activity 6 Wind Energy
Activity 7 Solar Energy
Activity 8 Solar Cooker
Activity 9 Energy from Sea
Activity 10 Wave Energy
Activity 11 Ocean Thermal Energy
Activity 12 Geothermal Energy
Activity 13 Nuclear Energy

Chapter 15 Our Environment

Activity 1 Food chain
Activity 2 Food web
Activity 3 Ozone layer and its depletion

Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources
Activity 1 Water storage by dams
Activity 2 Water Harvesting
Activity 3 Coal & Petroleum

Sample content in 2D for your reference

See what's included in VR Kit.

VR Kit Includes following Content

  • 1 FotonvVR Device with charger, data cable, user manual, warranty card etc.
  • Complete VR Learning Content for Grade you choose.
  • 1 Year Updates for content.
  • 1 Year Warranty for VR Device.
  • Technical Support for VR content.

fotonVR Headset features

Display 2.5K
Weight 268g
Refresh rate 90Hz
Storage 16GB
Content Science
Tracking 3DoF

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