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Current Scenario

In India and Foreign countries, For any industry, it’s a basic need to provide training to its new staff. But in Industry, some fields can not afford practical training each time. Real- time training improves their decision making ability to take tough decisions in crucial and sudden situations. Industries can not give real time training as it has a risk of life or because of higher training cost.

What is fotonVR ?

FotonVR is India’s virtual reality platform that provides multiple industrial training in a realistic 3D environment. We make ready unique real-time Immersive training modules as per your industry needs.FotonVR develops new standards by the implementation of Virtual Reality technology in your company training. It makes it possible for any company to train its staff in real-time without going anywhere and without any expensive cost.
Our ultimate aim is to help each industry/ company to increase their productivity, and efficiency, which results in the best output for the company and for the society.

More than syllabus

Benefits of fotonVR in Industrial Training

fotonVR Classroom

We provide the complete set up of VR Classroom including 1 Tablet, VR Headsets, and Beanbags as per requirement and real-time 3D training content as per your company training needs.

All the trainees need to wear a VR headset during their training. The trainer can operate and manage all the trainees through the tablet. It’s easy to learn and operate even for a non-technical person.

More than syllabus

Industries We Serve

Device Compatibility

Awards and Certification

fotonVR has been honoured for the very prestigious Awards and received Industry Recognizations


ફોટોન વીઆરનો ડેમો નિહાળ્યો. પ્રથમ જંગલમાં ફરવાનો અનોખો જ અનુભવ થયો. ત્યારબાદ વનસ્પતિ પ્રકાશ સંશ્લેસન પ્રકિયા ફોટોન વીઆરમાં નિહાળવાથી મારા વિચાર બહારનું દ્રશ્ય જોઈ શક્યો. આટલી સહેલી અને સુંદર પદ્ધતિ કદાચિત બીજી ના હોઈ શકે. ખુબ જ સુખદ અનુભવ રહ્યો.

Very useful products and can be used as a good technology- learning tool. It is a time saving gadgets especially when we lack time to cover the portion.

Dear VR team, This looks a very quod concept for a students to have a virtual experience. It gives a feel as if you are within a subject disclosed, Should have good future in coming days.

FotonVR device is very useful for students especially for study. I hope that this device is so famous for better study. I like it very much.

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