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VR and AR technology is Changing the World

VR and AR technology is Changing the World!!

New technologies always bring changes to the world. With these new technologies, it is required to keep ourselves updated. Be updated with the new technology is always brings drastic and beautiful changes in any field. Innovations in technology make positive changes in the human world. Today we’re going to discuss the new innovative technology of 21st century- AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) technology. These technologies surprisingly will bring changes in everyone’s life. A key capability of it is that it has the ability to give people contextually relevant information which integrated into their perception of the physical world. These technologies experience you to the real world and make you capable to be with anybody at any time at your comfort place without going anywhere.

Currently, more than 22 million people living in the U.S. will experience VR monthly this year, according to eMarketer, and that number is poised to grow to 49 million by 2019. This is the time that these technologies are going to introduce and enter in India. Let’s take a look into VR technology.

How VR is different than video and Animation

360-degree views- In video and animation, you can only view the one side of visuals, while VR will experience you 360-degree views i.e. all sides of anything. For example, in VR you can see Dolphin Dive from all sides which is the awesome experience rather than just see one side in the video.

Feel the things: In videos, you can just view the incidents/ scenes. In comparison, in VR, Experience the feeling of existing within the real world and learning in immersive environments.

How VR is useful in industry training

By use of Virtual Reality experience like heavy immersion simulation interactive training room! A systematic and High-frequency training which will improve the efficiency of industry employees. Through this interactive learning process, you can train your employee and increase their efficiency. Fully meet the needs of any industry to achieve immersive, all-around training, and to enhance product effectiveness. Create an inbuilt training center in the industry for Equipment operation, Assessment, Product R&D, Program evaluation, Reduce risks, save costs, and increase efficiency.

How VR is useful in tourism

With the availability of immersive experiences, VR technology impacts tourism. This is the opportunity to visit new sights and enjoy adventures without leave comfort place. It’s very helpful to develop a tourism business. Here people feel involved and engaged more than they just read a regular tour guide.

How VR is useful in education

VR technology makes the study more engaging and interesting. It’s a way which shapes a student’s visualization. VR learning is based on the fact that anyone can learn best by doing rather than just reading. VR is the vehicle which drives students to the world which has no limits to Book-based definitions/ word descriptions! It brings students out of the readymade content of books, which boosts their creativity and expands their efficiency. A large-scale virtual reality which provides real experience learning of the Child education, Academic- School and colleges, Higher educations, Skill studies etc.

Let’s see some top Virtual reality companies in the field of education:

Currently, Google provides Expeditions, by which teachers can take students on immersive journeys both with AR and VR. In addition, there are other platforms who brings students to a real-world-  EON Reality, California and FOTON VR, India.

VR and AR technology presents countless opportunities, In other words, we can say that using VR and AR technologies, we can make every dream in reality.