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Virtual Reality boosts creativity in your child

Virtual Reality boosts creativity in your child but How?

The year 2020 has encouraged many transformations like Virtual Reality in the field of education. Teachers need to be successful and adapt to new ways of teaching. Many educational practitioners believe that students learn best when they do things on their own. The days of cramming bookish knowledge are gone.

Combining traditional methods of learning with field trips, experiments, and robotic classes would turn out to be very expensive and most parents would be unable to afford them. But today’s educational facilities have transcended leaps and boundaries. With the augmentation of smart learning and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

New era for learning

New era for learning

VR has opened up an entirely new era for learning be it, children or teachers. Virtual reality has the capability to overcome the challenges imposed by expensive field trips and robotic experiments.

This single device has the capability of becoming your chemistry lab wherein you can perform thousands of experiments. Physics lab wherein you can unleash your innovation and creativity. Biology lab wherein you can go on a tour inside the human body and learn how our heartbeat and millions of neurons being fired up every minute. All of it could be made available irrespective of geographic boundary and income levels.

Benefits of using Virtual Reality in education

Creates an immersive environment

VR has the ability to provide children with an immersive environment wherein they get a three-dimensional learning experience. Children get to be a part of the live learning process which would create long-lasting retention of various concepts. Researchers and studies say that visual learning is more effective than classroom teaching. Children usually share such learning experiences with their parents and other friends. Thus, it also trains the children in imagining and making them a good storyteller.

VR immersive environment
How creativity is important in life and career

How creativity is important in life and career?

Creativity is important in life as it helps you to deal with uncertainty. It helps you to look at the problem from all perspectives. For instance, have become an engineer and am assigned a project to design a Rocket. Unless and until you have experienced yourself physically going to a space center and watched a Rocket in a making, you cannot visualize the idea. VR helps you build a base for the future by giving you an experience of the technicalities needed to build a Rocket very early in life.

How we can enhance the creativity of a child through Virtual Reality?

It stimulates creative thinking amongst the children. VR provides a gaming environment to the children, which acts as a stimulus in learning. These days children have become so addicted to smartphones, they tend to play games on it for an hour and hours as it holds the attention of them. Thus, VR learning will encourage creativity amongst them which would help them in achieving their goals.VR helps in promoting visualization. There are so many complex topics that teachers can’t explain in the classroom. But with VR it takes the learning one step ahead of where students could see themselves doing and performing almost all the experiments. VR tricks the students into believing that they have entered a new world altogether. 

VR Stimulates Creativity

This would increase their mental ability and responsiveness to complex situation further in their career. In addition to it, VR encourages playfulness amongst kids, which would increase audience engagement and make learning a magical experience. The visual and sound effects add full drama and theatrical aspects, which would leave the student wanting more. This is the future of learning. 

How fotonVR will help in increasing creativity

How fotonVR will help in increasing creativity?

Virtual Reality instills problem-solving skills, early in their career. It makes the learning process interactive and interesting as we engage virtually with the learning world. FotonVR provides your child with an easy way to understand science.
It adds fun by giving an international level content which helps to understand the hard concept. Therefore, this is the reason why parents order a fotonVR kit for their child. We look forward to collaborating with you in creating such experiential efforts. Get in touch with us, if you want to know more about working with VR experience.