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Sanitize Your VR Equipment

Sanitize Your VR Equipment During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Stay Safe

In this techno era, Virtual reality is the best option to have virtual tours for entertainment, education purposes, business training, and Gaming. A virtual reality headset is placed over your eyes and you are instantly taken to an immersive world you never could’ve imagined. The experience enables you to interact with your surroundings and get a 360-degree view of the environment. You might assume you’re about to play a video game, have adventures, study with more fun by having education-related trips or go on a virtual vacation. Actually, you’re at the office, and about to get to work in this brave new business world. 

But we need to have precautions to avoid infections. You don’t even need more people to cause problems and infections. VR equipment might cause infection -in the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. It’s also in constant, close contact with your skin, which can cause infections and, in extreme cases, open sores. And due to COVID-19, we need to take more caution.

You may want to learn how to clean your headset and its controllers. Right?

For the majority of the headset like Oculus Go, Daydream, Samsung gear, Hololens, or Pico G2 and its controllers, alcohol-free antibacterial wipes will do the job. Just wipe down all of the hard surfaces, with particular focus on the areas you’re likely to touch the most. Key areas include the top and bottom of the eye-piece, which you grab when putting on and taking off the headset, and, on the Oculus headsets, the halo adjustment ring on the back.

For the lenses, avoid using anything abrasive and just use a simple glasses cleaning wipe. And whatever you do, do not put your headset in direct sunlight to dry. It’s tempting, as UV rays are great at disinfecting things, but it will cause irreparable damage to your headset’s lenses.

One of the better options is to invest in some replaceable pads. Oculus offers replacement faceplates and headbands, although these more delay the problem rather than fixing it, as eventually, you’ll just have to buy another new one. 

While cleaning your facial interfaces, don’t forget to wipe down the nose area. Take it from personal experience – skin infections on your nose are sore. Some people recommend removing the nose guard in Oculus headsets entirely, although it does help block out more light and is simple enough to clean.

It’s not difficult keeping your VR equipment hygienic, although for beginners it can be a bit overwhelming. Removing faceplates, putting harsh chemicals where your eyes will soon go, and avoiding ripping fabrics are all excuses sometimes made to just never clean them. But with a pandemic facing the entire world, it’s worthwhile getting over your anxieties and just giving your kit a good scrub…!

Wash your hands while you’re at it. Stay Home Stay Safe..!