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Is Virtual Reality headset harmful to the eyes

Is Virtual Reality headset harmful to the eyes ?

Virtual Reality Headset is becoming ubiquitous. How harmful Virtual Reality can puzzle a lot many people that is why one of the most common questions people ask me is

Is Virtual Reality Headset technology harmful to their children’s eyes or eyesight?”  Or “Will VR Headset affect their children’s eyes?

Is Virtual Reality headset harmful to the eyes

Such questions are genuine in today’s time. Schools and parents are using Tablets, Smartphones, Smart-screens, Projector, and every other gadget to teach to their children for a better understanding of the topic. The question becomes even more relevant because the topic is related to their children’s health. I’ll say that it is a very delicate matter and our team is always working for better educational technology and content. I’ll talk in detail about every aspect that will help you give an adequate answer.Screen’s brightness is one of the most important concerns, that can cause harm to their eyes.

The fact is, It’s a complete myth. Sudden change in screen brightness is a concerning fact. Each and every individual eye reacts differently to different kinds of light. If you are strolling on the street at night then due to low light your pupil (which is a part inside your eyes) expands. Whereas on a brighter day the pupil will shrink so less amount or the required amount of light can pass. The screen brightness affects your eyes when you are continuously watching the screen in dark. In this case, your eyes will unable to adjust as frequently to bright light.

In education, when a child wears the Virtual Reality Headset s/he is experiencing a 360-degree view of the concept. The content is curated in such a way that if he/she is looking at a particular visual, the brightness of that particular visual is consistent throughout the session.

Another frequently asked question is,

Would my Child be prone to myopia or short-sightedness if he uses Virtual Reality Headset?

When your child stares at an object which is very close to him for a prolonged period of time, there are chances that it might cause him myopia.

In yoga, a very powerful meditation called “Tratak Vidhya” is used to increase the eye & brain’s capabilities. But there is a catch, in this meditation, a person has to do it only for a few minutes a day. It involves starring at a single point without blinking your eye. During the meditation, his eyes start ejecting teardrops.  Now it’s likely to assume that we can perform this Vidya with gadgets as well.

Is Virtual Reality headset harmful to the eyes

This will be harmful as various lights are emitted through these gadgets causing strain on your eyes. But in VR headsets, the objects are in different positions by the learner. The objects are also continuously moving so as they are visible at a distance. The concepts in Virtual reality are designed in a different way.  You feel you are physically present performing laboratory experiments, robotics, exploring the universe in space. The objects can be moved 360 degrees so that you can focus on a particular object at a time by blurring the background. All of these functionalities are built so that you feel the minimum strain on your eyes.

Another important concern is,

Whether Virtual Reality Headset can harm your eyes due to the blue screen effect?

Another important concern is, The simple answer to it would be if you spend more time with a blue screen on any gadget then it becomes an issue. The visible spectrum has a wavelength range of around 400 to 700 nanometer. 450-550 nm wavelength is considered to be good for the eyes. In this spectrum, green color plays a major part. To make it simple, in our educational content we have used the green color most, as this color is scientifically considered to soothe our eyes. This will help the learners to enjoy the science activity in the VR headset. In a world full of innovative ideas, every new innovative technology comes with pros and cons.

If you are using any 21st-century gadgets, you have to realize that excess of anything is bad. So one has to use technology in a responsible manner. Even if you wear the VR headset for a longer period than might create health issues. But, we have taken enough care of it as well. FotonVR’s educational content is designed in such a manner that every activity is of a maximum of 9 minutes. This allows learners to take a break and discuss the science concept with the teacher or parents. We recommend a learner to take a break in every 10-15 minutes. If the learner considers this as a key aspect, s/he might never have to suffer from any cybersickness.

Why fotonVR ?

To get the best experience of VR Headset and fotonVR’s science education content user has to use the VR Headset in a proper manner.

Lastly, I want to say to all my readers that the proper mounting of the VR headset is really important. It has so much to do with getting a proper point of view and an immersive feeling. If the student does not get a proper point of view at the first view, immediately readjust the VR Headset and wear it properly. Thus, you’re learning becomes fun and playful.