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fotonVR exhibited in eduskills tech expo by GCCI.

fotonVR exhibited in eduskills tech expo by GCCI

On 11th June (Sunday) 2022, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, KACHHUA Solutions Pvt. Ltd. appeared for an Education & Skill sector exhibition. The exhibition occurred in the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

In this exhibition, over 25 startups presented their Products & Services. Kachhua Solutions Pvt. Limited also portrayed its revolutionized product – FotonVR amongst the other 25 companies.

The event was significant due to its audience filled with visionary parents • Charted Accountants • Financial Professionals • Individual Investors • Venture Capitalist • IT professionals of the EduSkill Sector • Students.

What happened in the exhibition?

Seven startups showed their innovative products or services to leading investors, mentors, and potential clients from the education and skill sectors. It was an excellent opportunity for emerging startups to implement their idea and raise funds.

As per the report, around 1000 people witnessed this mega revolutionary event where FotonVR presented a functional demo to approximately 100 schools/ individuals. With its innovative way of utilizing metaverse for teaching, FotonVR won many hearts during the event.

 fotonVR exhibited in eduskills tech expo by GCCI

Team member FotonVR shared about the event and is proud to say that the FotonVR booth had the most audience. As per here, “the product was so innovative that it made the audience curious to experience metaverse in learning.”


Moreover, the event was greatly cherished by guests like Shri Hemantbhai Shah, President of GCCI, Shri M.P. Chandran, Chairman of Education Task Force, and Shri Amitbhai Parikh, Chairman of Startup & Innovation.

Along with them, Shri Pathikbhai Patwari, Senior Vice President of GCCI, Prof. (Dr.) Himanshubhai Pandya, Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat University, Shri M. Nagarajan, and Shri D.R. Parmar, have also witnessed this event.
In his welcome address, Shri Hemantbhai Shah welcomed the dignitaries and participants and give an introduction the activities of GCCI.

Shri M. Nagarajan has given a speech about how education startup changes the world of education and introduced how new technologies can bring a revolutionary change in the education field.

Shri Amitbhai Parikh concluded the event with a vote of thanks.

How was the overall experience of Kachhua Solutions Pvt? Ltd.?

The overall experience of Kachhua Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was beyond expectation as many children experienced metaverse learning for the first time. The product provoked their curiosity within just some time. Hence, it was a long-lasting experience for both Kachhua and its audience.fotonVR exhibited in eduskills tech expo by GCCI


We are very grateful to i-Hub, gusec, SVIF, and TE, for their support. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to come up with this revolutionary event. Lastly, we hope this VR movement will help children of every age.


What is FotonVR?

FotonVR is a virtual reality platform that helps students to provide the latest metaversical teaching through its customized virtual reality equipment. The platform helps schools and other educational institutions make teaching more accessible and convenient. Want to know more about FotonVR? Visit FotonVR.com.