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VR kit for Virtual Reality classroom Contains

VR Kit for Virtual Reality Classroom Contains All the components of software, hardware, and peripherals required to make it the perfect VR solution for education.

Hardware and Peripheral components

Software components

(for VR Devices)

Teacher App

(for Tablet or PC)

(for Principal)

Parent App

(for Learning History)

Wide Range of Hardware

Select the best VR device that suite your requirements
Pico 4k Pico 4k

FotonVR 40P

Dpvr 2.5k Dpvr 2.5k

All In One High End VR Headset

cardboard vr cardboard vr

Cardboard VR With Controller

Jio Glass Jio Glass


neo 3 neo 3

Neo 3

FotonVR 25D FotonVR 25D

FotonVR 25D

quest 2 quest 2

Quest 2

Gigabit wi-fi router Gigabit wi-fi router

Wifi Router

● Gigabit wi-fi router
● 3 external antennas
● Standard company 1 year warranty
● Designed for heavy data transfer

Storage case Storage case

Storage case

● Extra durable, Retractable extension handle
● Strong wheels to carry anywhere
● Waterproof,
● Dustproof, Crushproof Multiple handles

fotonvr tablet fotonvr tablet

Teacher Device


● 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Expandable Up to 1 TB
● 26.42 cm (10.4 inch ) Display
● Android 10
● Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
● Long Binging Sessions with 7,040 mAh Battery,
● Charger

vr-charging-kit vr-charging-kit

Charging case

● Hi-speed USB multiport charger
● 60w power, AC 110-220V input voltage
● Fit inside of storage case
● Multiple charging at a time during storage

Content specifications

This fotonVR kit includes all major topics available in science as per NCERT education concept.

fotonVR learning method is different, here fotonVR provides all learning content in 3D and in 360-degree to be viewed in virtual reality.

A trainer also get text-based content with the virtual scene in trainer view to properly teach particular topic by describing it to Learners.

Learners view all content in VR headset followed by a trainer and they can see,<br /> interact with a 3d scene and models to understand clearly.

Virtual Field Trip Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip

In such cases to take learners to a particular factory or area, the virtual tour is available for such topics.

VR Kit Includes Below Subjects

Sr. Grade Subjects covered
1 Grade 1 Science
2 Grade 2 Science
3 Grade 3 Science
4 Grade 4 Science
5 Grade 5 Science
6 Grade 6 Science
7 Grade 7 Science
8 Grade 8 Science
9 Grade 9 Science
10 Grade 10 Science

Classroom specifications

Basic Requirement

Basic Requirement

To operate with foton VR learning, the Institute required one empty classroom equipped with

Quantity details

Sr.No. Name Qty
1 Virtual Reality Headsets All in One or Cardboard 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30
2 Tablet 1
3 Gigabit Router 1
4 USB charging case 1
5 Storage case 2/3 (As per requirement)
6 VR Content Grade 1 to 10 Science

Delivery time: 45 days from the date of placing an Order.

Note: Classroom setup is not part of fotonVR kit.  All details shown in this portion is for reference only.
Customer is free to purchase any hardware from his side after verification data with company.

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