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Improve your kid’s creativity,
understanding, marks and interest in study

    Enhances Creativity


    When intelligence is added with creativity, it secures the success and make them future ready.

    Practical Exposure


    When children learn with experiment, lessons are remembered for a long time.

    Quick Learning

    one image worth thousand words but oneĀ  virtual tour worth thousand images.

    Learn With Feelings


    Immersive learning with feelings makes concepts understood quickly and remembered for longer time.

    Easy Visualization


    Visual lesson remembered longer than audio, but experiment-based lesson remembered forever.

    Fun Based Learning


    Give Fun based learning experience to your child make them fall in love with science.


    Quick Start

    Get a Pre-configured VR Learning Kit that requires no configuration and you can start using in minutes.

    Easy To Use

    Designed with easy to use concept, Just Wear VR Glass, Login to App and Start Exploring Science Concepts.

    Global Standards

    fotonVR covers complete Science syllabus of Grade 5 to 10 of NCERT, CBSE and State Boards also aligned to foreign syllabus.

    More than Syllabus

    fotonVR not only covers syllabus but extra knowledge of learning objective is also included which increases understandings.

    Free Updates

    We are continuously improving App and adding interesting stuffs and you will get free Unlimited Updates.

    Amazing Support

    Our Product is Amazing that needs no help but whenever you need help we are happy to help.


    Increase visualization


    Increase Creativity


    Learning That Lasts Long


    Kids Love VR