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Benefits of VR in Education

Benefits of VR in Education

Hey, it’s a well worth reading of this article if you are a learner or teacher! Here we’re going to discuss modern technology in education- Virtual Reality and the benefits of it in the learning environment.

First of all, let’s see what is VR Tech… An artificial computer-generated world that can be experienced and interacted with. Using VR Tech, any learner understands complex scientific concepts with fun and ease, for example, when a student uses Virtual Reality to understand “Respiration System in human body” the student will understand that while breathing, so many gaseous elements go inside the lungs and how the oxygen is filtered from the other elements and how it will bound with RCB. This RCB containing oxygen penetrates the cell membrane and breaks glucose, to produce water and carbon dioxide. During this process, energy is released, which is captured by the ATP molecule. All these explanations are in 3D & 360° which will help the student to remember it easily and then recall whenever required. The example I have discussed here is just a glimpse of our vast VR content Library.

Virtual Reality is used in education to enhance student engagement with their study. Virtual Reality creates the real world around us. It can transform the way of education which is provided nowadays. It can be also used in industries, medical, security, military, Anti-terrorism, Traffic accidents awareness, Weather forecasting, etc.

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in Education and Training, it will create a new pedagogy to learn scientific theories which were hard to understand.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Education:

  • Increase knowledge area
  • Active experience rather than just passive information
  • Helps to understand complex concepts, subjects or theories
  • No distractions while the study
  • Boosts students creativity
  • Expands learners efficiency to gain knowledge
  • Increase Interest toward boring subjects like science
  • Improve the understanding level of students
  • Improve teaching skills in teachers using VR by providing a deep level of knowledge.
  • Improving memory power by connecting feelings with education.
  • It takes very little time to understand very complex topics.
  • Get education as per book syllabus with its connecting environment and practicals.
  • Fun, Virtual tour and existing game-based education.
  • Improve a Student’s Imagination power.


Let’s see who is providing this method of learning:

  1. Google expedition: Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool that allows you to lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world. Google expedition makes it possible for teachers to take their classrooms on virtual reality field trips to amazing places. Teachers and students use mobile devices and VR viewers to virtually explore an art gallery or museum. Here you can Install the app of Google expedition from the play store.Download App:
  2. FotonVR: fotonVR is a tool that brings education to the real-world which opens the doors of the modern education system. It’s a large-scale virtual reality platform containing a vast VR Content library for future scientists that provides a real experience of learning for the Child education, Academic – School and colleges, Higher educations, Skill studies etc. With the use of VR technology which provides field trips to do practicals with the use of various tools. We can experience here the new and amazing way of learning rather than traditional education. Start building your child or student’s career in the science stream or give him a superpower of understanding every scientific theory ever approached with FotonVR.

Know more how fotonVR doing this.

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