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Become our authorized Reseller for your State/Country

Become Business Associate by just adding VR Classroom in your Product list and grow with us. sell VR – Classroom with complete set up to Government, Schools ( Private & Gov.), Institutes & Training Centre, Education centre for special child and Pre – Schools.

Why should you become an authorized
reseller of fotonVR?

How to sell & Promote?

After becoming part of fotonVR team you will be permitted to sell VR classrooms to School, Institutes, Government Educational sectors, Science lab.

What We offer Under This ?

Complete classroom setup which includes Hardware, Software, Content and Training.

Hardware includes VR Headset, Tracher’s device, Storage case, multiple charging case, Network device with bean bags.

Software includes performance monitering application for Admin of school and Parents. VR based simulated 3D, 360 degree content for science subject which covers 100+ chapters including more than 500 science topics..!

Training & support for Setting up VR classroom, Technical training to update the version and.

VR Kit Includes:

Start VR institute in your city 26-3-20 small


  • VR Headsets
  • Tablet
  • Connecting Device
  • Storage Case
  • Multiple charger case
  • Bean Bags


  • 3D, 360 degree Science Learning Activities
  • CRM
  • Application for Performance Monitoring

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