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About Us

About Us

FotonVR is an award-winning company for its innovative solution in the education sector. FotonVR was conceptualized in 2017 and launched in 2019. We are having our Global presence in UAE, Australia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and New Zealand through our international associates. Our solution includes Virtual Reality based educational content of Science for grade 5 to 10 and VR Setup for Schools, Institutes, and Individual Globally.  We are also giving Franchise Opportunity to Open VR Institute in your City.  With fotonVR children are experiencing virtual tours of the things they may not, or could not ever experience in their lifetimes..!!

fotonVR Received E-Governance Award For Innovative Use Of ICT
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Why Us?

In a rapidly changing world, education should be constantly developing. Education needs to catch up with new ways of teaching, and moreover, it needs to learn to keep pace with new ways of learning. One of the promising and progressive technologies of today, which can help with this, is virtual reality. fotonvr is an immersive innovation in the Education Sector. Our solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.

Why to choose fotonVR for education?

Virtual reality is a different way of learning. fotonvr allows you to have an emotional reaction to what you’re experiencing which is fundamental to how we form memories. When you are inside a virtual world your senses are in tune with what is happening directly around you. It allows you to be fully engaged with the activity and what is taken from it forms memories. The use of interactive objects and virtual environments support and enhance traditional teaching methods. Sitting in a classroom scenario doesn’t make sense anymore when you can actively be immersed and experience!

VR and AR technology is Changing the World
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Our Vision

Our goal is to upgrade the education sector by reducing the burden of education by providing immersive and adventurous experiences with innovative Virtual Reality technology which results in burden-free conceptualized education. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase student engagement by improving creativity with better knowledge retention through personalised experience of virtual trips..!

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