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About Us

fotonVR is an award-winner for innovation in education. We at fotonVR provide exciting, interactive, 3D and 360° educational content in the form of Virtual Science Labs. fotonVR is awarded a Silver award for “Innovative use of ICT in E-Governance Solutions”  In the National Conference on E-Governance 2020 arranged by the Government of India. fotonVR was a finalist for National Start-up Award, 2020 for revolutionary innovative solutions. fotonVR is awarded as Best Start-up of Gujarat by our CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani for the VR based product.

We have a global presence in UAE, Australia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and New Zealand through our international associates.

fotonVR Received E-Governance Award For Innovative Use Of ICT
fotonvr was featured in YourStory.com

Why Us?

VR has opened up an entire new era for learning be it children or teachers. Virtual reality has the capability to overcome the challenges imposed by expensive field trips and robotic experiments. VR has an ability to provide children with immersive environment wherein they get the three dimensional learning experience.  Children get to be the part of the live learning process which would create a long lasting retention of various concepts. Let the students immerse and explore the world of education through VR lenses.

Why to choose fotonVR for education?

We have designed our product as an innovative solution to address the current issues which children usually face while studying Science. Science being a complex subject needs more attention and demands active participation from students. FotonVR is a platform providing content to your VR headset.

Our product is designed for – students and schools. For students, VR based learning could be said as a better alternative to tuitions. Benefits include increased retention of a topic, complex concepts easily explained, immersive learning, etc.

For Schools, we create a dedicated VR lab for them, to stimulate a life learning experience that would encourage collaborative learning in a technologically advanced way.

VR and AR technology is Changing the World
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Our Vision

Our goal is to upgrade the education sector by reducing the burden of education by providing immersive and adventurous experiences with innovative Virtual Reality technology which results in burden-free conceptualized education. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase student engagement by improving creativity with better knowledge retention through personalized experience of virtual trips..!

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