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Visit and feel science before learning it

Install Virtual Reality Labs as VR-Classroom in your school or start VR classes as your new business and that will add new educational infrastructure to your city. FotonVR for school education increases student engagement, it gives outstanding visualization, and it is the latest technology for learning science for grade 5 to 10 students.

As visual effect increases learning become qualitative and deep so educators prefer VR in education

Whether it is school or industry VR makes training more interesting, it increase engagement of learner as well

360 degree 3D content improves quality far better than current video and animation based teaching tool

Effect of VR on Learning and Education

Students Interest 0
Improves teacher's Communication 0
makes learning easy 0
comfortable Hardware 0

Use of VR and AR is changing scenario of schools, think about how a VR lab can be implemented in your schools

Without bringing your child to NASA how you can make your child think like scientist

If you are passionate about use of VR in school, join with us, grab great opportunity

Why educators love VR

Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge and it is more visual than ever so it helps the student to expand their imagination. It ads feeling more effectively and feeling goes deep inside to mind. Learning with VR funny way. Virtual Reality labs will help educators to explain in detail about every complex concept which can not be feasible to do in a real-world scenario. Teacher’s interaction with students is a major part of the teaching process. The way fotonVR delivering increases interaction of the teacher with students.

Why educators love VR