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Effect of VR on Learning and Education

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For your child, Science is fun now

Give your child an easy way to understand science.
fotonVR increases interest, adds fun, has international level content, helps to understand the hard concept and that’s why each parent order fotonVR kit for their child.

Mugging up is now past with Foton VR

Science Learning Activities.

Science Learning Activities.

Virtual Tours,

Interactive Learning Activities,

VR based Practicals.

510+ Learning Concept.

According to NCERT/CBSE Syllabus

360- degree content with 3D animations, that helps the child to get

knowledge about fundamental science.

Wear Headset

and take a deep dive

into the ocean of science.

Feel science by going inside of an atomic structure,the internal human organs

or to internal layers of the earth or to space.


Wear VR Headset on your Head and take a deep dive into ocean of science

Deep concepts of science are easily explained in VR

Virtual tours in the 3D world give the same feeling as it is real.

Interact with the objects in VR and learn science.

Revise all concepts unlimited times.

VR based Activities and Virtual Tours for Science

Bring the curriculum to life by visiting far-flung corners of the world, Human anatomy system, Atomic structure or even landing on the Moon..!

Chemistry :

Chemistry education plays an important role in enhancing the quality of teaching and research as well as ensuring that students are equipped with good knowledge to produce intensive goods and services to meet human needs for food, health care products and other materials aimed at improving the quality of life. With FotonVR perform practicals and understand the various compositions with fun..!!

Physics :

Physics is an important element in the education of chemists, engineers and computer scientists, as well as practitioners of the other physical and biomedical sciences. It is the language of innovation and advancement. Other than being a noble profession, the benefits of studying physics are valuable and numerous..!! With fotonVR learn complex topics of physics easily..!!

Biology :

Biology subject plays an important role in the understanding of complex forms of life involving humans, animals and plants.
Biology helps individuals understand the interaction between humanity and the world. The subject of biology piques intellectual curiosity, increases awareness of the fragile ecosystem, and stimulates critical thinking. With fotonVR visit internal parts of the body by visiting inside it..!!

Shipped Worldwide

Shipped to more than 40 countries

More than syllabus

Each topic of class 5 to 10 is covered according to the syllabus, that expands the child’s vision.

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Interactive Learning
  • Virtual Lab to Experiment
More than syllabus
Parent App to monitor your child’s performance.
Parent App to monitor your child’s performance

Parent App to monitor your child’s performance.

We are using most comfortable virtual reality headset, standalone, and wireless!

  • Ask Questions to check the progress
  • Monitor from anywhere
  • Make your child feel that you are taking care

Most Comfortable VR Headset

We are using most comfortable virtual reality headset, Standalone and wireless!

  • Qualcomm Processor, 4GB RAM
  • 3K Resolution
  • Comfortable
Most Comfortable VR Headset
Ganpat University

Academic Partner Institute : Ganpat University


Experience was mind-blowing

Being a teacher, I find too much difficult or say very difficult to teach cells tissues, structures of molecules, acid-base theories. Through this virtual reality facility, we can give them accurate explanation regarding them now.

Suchita Rao Science teacher | M.G. Patel Shainik school, Ganpat vidhyanagar.

Amazing technology

This is a very amazing technology. Using it, a child can virtually touch the body parts, atomic structures in 3d, Which are a completely new experience and knowledge for them.

Shree. Kiri Lakshminarayan Principal | M.G girls shainik school, Mahesana

Enjoyable and lovable experience

When a teacher teaches in class we can only imagine but we can not see it. The teacher can draw a diagram of a cell in two dimensions but in virtual reality, we can see in three dimensions and it is also of 360-degree, I enjoy it a lot.


Ridhima Student

Experience of VR was too awesome

My experience regarding VR was too awesome.Till now I was only imagine what is an atom,what is cell but. When using VR, now i understood its working at a different stage at a world of science in Bio,Chemestry,Physics as well.

Nirjari Student Class 9

FotonVR helps me in many topics i like to learn easily.

I understood the working mechanism of many science concepts, which were difficult for me to understand.

Chaudhary Margi Student Class 9

VR Kit for Students

VR Kit for Grade 5

VR Kit for Grade 6

VR Kit for Grade 7

VR Kit for Grade 8

VR Kit for Grade 9

VR Kit for Grade 10

Order fotonVR Kit
and get it at your home in 14 days

Learning with fun is not dream now, order your fotonVR and you will be learning science and its concept in virtual world very soon. Game like feeling in learning will increase your interest in science. fotonVR is for you if you are in any standard 5th to 10th.

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